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With your free pass to the Bodyline Fitness Studio, you will gain access to the combined experience of the expert personal trainers and nutrition coach, and all of the equipment that Bodyline Fitness has to offer.

You will be taking your first step along your fitness journey.

Submit the form below to gain access to a single use free pass for access to the Bodyline Fitness Studio!

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With this SINGLE USE free pass*, you will receive the following exclusives:


- Access to the Bodyline Fitness Studio to give you the opportunity to train within the facility and to also witness how Personal Training, Semi Private Personal Training & Group Classes are conducted. 


Once you finalise the check out process for this FREE PASS, within 48 hours the team from Bodyline Fitness will be in touch with you to schedule a time to start your journey!

*Please be aware that this is a single use service, and identification will be required upon arrival at the Bodyline Fitness Studio to verify identity.



"I have been training with Bodyline Fitness for 4 years."

"Definitely! It’s not only helped me reach my fitness goals but also restore a healthy balance to my busy life schedule. This healthy life balance and improved fitness has also greatly benefited my mental health and well being."

"Personal training has greatly improved my strength and cardio fitness and has also helped me better understand not only my own body but fitness and exercise in general.

—  Rob

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