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First off, just want to say Thank You for clicking on to our link and checking us out.

Now if you don't know much about us, let us quickly introduce our Studio to You!

Bodyline Fitness is a personal training studio where we specialise in weight loss and education. We put the science into all your workouts with personalised programs and using the latest advancements in bio scan technology!

On top of all this we also have our very own Nutrition Department with our in house Nutrition Coach available anytime!

Time to get started!

20% OFF

20% OFF

Our Nutrition Coach Sara has done something very special for you to get started on your journey to creating a healthier you!

She will be giving  20% Off  your session with her!

What's involved ?

Let's cut the fat and get straight into it!

When you book your Nutrition Session, you will receive during your One on One Coaching ... 

Healthy Lifestyle

- A breakdown of how to implement a healthy lifestyle.

Food & Nutrition Breakdown

- Further breakdown into the food side of things. Yes, that's right, NO boiled broccoli with plain chicken. Get the flavours you want to eat with the results right along side it!

Measurements & Calculations

- Finding out what works for your body with our Body Type Assessment.

- Girth measurements and Nutrition Calculation to design the right Blue Print for You! No copy and paste job here. 

This will purely be personalised to you in order for your to achieve Maximum Results and Your Goal!

All this worked in and around your lifestyle!

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