Lucky Scalone

"You create your own limits"

Mr. Lucky Scalone is the founder, and owner of Bodyline Fitness. He found his path in fitness at the age of twelve when he was diagnosed with childhood obesity. From that moment, he knew that he would need to take immediate action to change the course of his life or he would end up with serious medical consequences.


Motivated by this scare, he took action and become the fit and healthy man that he is today. Along this journey, he fell in love with health and fitness and after seeing the change in his own health, he knew that there was nothing else he would rather be doing. With his passion for fitness he then went on to study and Graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science. After having worked in the industry he quickly realised that there was something lacking. It was then in 2014 when Bodyline Fitness was born.


Bodyline Fitness provides clients with custom Personal Training programs, nutritional plans, as well as Bio Scans making clients programs even more accurate which will intern change their way of thinking and training to create a healthier lifestyle.


Today, Lucky Scalone and Bodyline Fitness stand strong, as an established business in the Health and Fitness industry whom change the lives of many who walk through their studio doors.