Combat and Fitness

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Many believe that combats are not needed in fitness training but frankly, combating is an improved kind of fitness that does not only train the muscles but the subconscious mind also. It is a blend of martial arts and physical fitness; just as it is required to think outside the box in martial arts, it is also necessary to think out of the box in our daily lives. Thus, infusing combat into fitness practices makes a perfect blend of mind and body training/building.

The neural muscle memories are significant beneficiaries of the combat skills infused into fitness training and this, in turn, helps to build the subconscious mind through some complex processes by repeated practices of the act of combat.

Benefits of Combat in Fitness Training:

Today there are no doubts that fitness training is of utmost importance in our daily lives, but little have we thought of the relevance of martial arts or combat in the development of our body and mind. Creating a connection between fitness practices and martial arts have made it possible to boost the effects of fitness training by providing avenues to build the mind and the body at just about the same time. A few likely ways through which combating is useful in fitness training are briefly discussed below.

> Makes You Smarter: It is evident that continually getting involved in complex processes helps build the mind; just like regularly playing chess builds the mind, so does combats in fitness. Combating teaches a person how to relax and be calculative as he moves and acts; some small slice of the Buddhist monks personality.

> Improves Balance and Spatial Awareness: Just like martial arts train its participants to be aware of space and the relevance of maintaining balance, it doesn't fail to do the same in its conjunction with fitness training.

> Stay Younger a Little Longer: Practicing combat and fitness together has a way of keeping you young and mentally active for a very long time — little wonders why most martial artists look younger than their ages.

> Improved Physical Defence: Yes, martial arts are not being taught to participants for bullying others; rather, it is thought to be a form of defence from unexpected dangers. Adding combat to fitness training does not only offer you the chances of being fit but also the possibilities of defending yourself in the face of adversities.

> Increase the Quality of your Life in the Long Run: It is evident that learning through complex processes has a way of improving your level of comprehension of things and consequently, your decisions and the quality of your life. It may not be so apparent at first, but as time goes, it will become evident that you have undergone a very sophisticated training which in turn has affected the quality of your life positively.

> Improved Learning Ability: When you learn to solve complex problems, you are apparently getting above the average humans who do not want to expose themselves to challenges; you have greater tendency to learn new things faster and more efficiently, and this is proportionate to your level of relevance in life because the more you know, the more relevant you'd be and all this can be made possible by merging combat with fitness training.

> Prevents Fitness Plateau: Most athletes are worried about rising to appoint in their fitness practices when the introduction of new exercises add nothing to their state of physical fitness, this is because of man's desire to continually grow in whatever they do. But embracing combat while taking fitness exercises lifts this burden as your mind and body are in a constant train of improvement taking your plateau many bars higher and many years in front.

> Better Behaviour: Martial arts have been known to train people to be well behaved even in the face of danger. Bringing this proper grooming into fitness quite has a way of improving your behavioural composition as a human being.