Getting Back into Training

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

There has always been a saying that: "climbing to the top is easy, but how you get back up when to crash down is the real task." This saying also holds in the health and fitness world when you stop a fitness program and wish to return to the routine. This task is one of the most daunting tasks that push most people off the knife-edge of fitness as they combat a lot of pessimism trying to get back into the gym or trying to put on that tracksuit and jogging shoes.

The reasons why we started the fitness programs at first determines how well we can carry on with the routine and also, how likely we are to return to the method when we find ourselves skipping sessions. Most persons go to the gym because of external motivations while others do so because of an internal drive to achieve a health-related goal; for these latter set of people, it is a lot easier to keep up. For instance, if a man from the neighborhood decides with a few friends to start the fitness program at the gym a few blocks away. Two weeks after, the program is at its peak, and one of the men steps back to for some reasons best known to him and by the time he wishes to return again to the fitness program, his colleagues are looking fit already. Out of intimidation or lack of self-motivation, he finds it difficult to continue the fitness program and then sorts something else to do. This has been the case of many persons who lost their drive to achieve health and fitness goals.

We will briefly understand what it takes to get back into training as we read through this but first let's quickly understand the reasons why people exercise.

> Physical reasons: people tend to take part in exercises for purposes of keeping fit and becoming more agile and balanced,

> Affective reasons: some people exercise because they are affected by the effects of exercise on our body especially during down times of their lives and the times when they make us feel alive are somewhat addictive, and we always want to be in that state of mind.

> Cognitive reasons: learned people always adopt these reasons because they recognize and appreciate the importance of exercises on their health and physical well-being.

One of the major things that drive our urge for exercise is the expectation, and at the same time, it can hurt breaks our drive when we don't see our expectations coming forth.

Ways to Get Back Into Training:

As much as it is challenging to get back on the training ground immediately, it is a lot easier if you handle it quickly. Here a few suggested smart ways to get back on as soon as possible.

> Accept the Guilt: It is true that you lagged, if not why would you not be actively training? So accept it and decide to get back on track. Acceptance of one’s responsibilities is one way of being great, so do what it takes to be great.

> Gradually Return to Training: Coming in hard will expose you discouraging experiences like muscle soreness and fatigue, so it is advanced that you go easy on yourself as you return to the gym.

> Set Realistic Goals: Setting big goals can be discouraging when you are battling your psyche at the same time, so ensure to set smaller goals that you can achieve within a particular period. You can set new, bigger ones as you advance.

> Get Help: This is the reason why there are fitness coaches to guide you through your return phase and even after that. Some way, they motivate us and give us reasons to keep on keeping up.

> Keep in Touch: It is important never to forget you that was fit a couple of months ago and never forget the measures you took to get to such level, so always keep in touch with that old you but never push too hard to understand; you will get there eventually but do it patiently.

> Flow with the Tide: Sometimes, we may not be in the best state of mind to keep up, we just have to, We run into personal challenges that weakens our drive and if you really want this as bad as you do right now, you should convert that down feeling into a source of motivation and head to the gym.

> Share your journey: Always enjoy meeting with new people to discuss the experiences with, share beautiful times; it has a way of keeping you motivated.

Now that you have made up your mind to get back into training, I will suggest that you start acting immediately.