Though we all know in our hearts that exercise and eating healthy is good for us, but just knowing it isn't good enough is it? We all start out very enthusiastic, get into the gym, and change our diets, only to inevitably hit a wall and suddenly we have lost all of our motivation to go on. So, what do we do now?

Well friends, the first thing we must do is realise that this is natural, and to some extent healthy, to have motivational lows from time to time; even the most resolute of us can not be fully motivated all of the time. However, what we must do is get over this low as soon as possible and not allow ourselves to get stuck in it. You see, our minds naturally seek to avoid hardship and discomfort, which is why we feel good when taking the easier route of not working out, eating unhealthy food, and wasting away on the couch.

For most people, training is hardly going to be something that they look forward to, and some of us even dread getting into the gym. Our minds associate feelings with memories, and trains itself to avoid experiences that will have painful, stressful, or negative outcomes. To this end, it is important to make your visits to the gym, and exercise sessions as enjoyable as possible; this is the second trick to regaining motivation.

If your mind associates exercise and trips to the gym with joy, and fun, then you will find it much easier to make yourself get back into the rhythm. But how can you make this experience fun? Below, we will discuss some tips to make your exercise sessions more enjoyable, and get you back out there!

1) Find yourself an engaging personal trainer:

If you are going out to the gym on your own, it can be incredibly difficult to motivate yourself, so why not get yourself a personal trainer? Not just any personal trainer will do, if your personal trainer is not engaging and able to make you feel involved then they may actually make you feel even less motivated to go to the gym. To this end, don't go with just any personal trainer, but really go out to find the right one for you.

2) Bring a buddy:

In the same vein as training with a personal trainer, bringing a buddy along with you to work out can really help to keep you motivated and you can even have a a friendly competition with them if that is your thing. HOWEVER, it is very important that if you are bringing a buddy along to help you with your motivation levels that they themselves are not suffering from a motivation low. If both you and your gym buddy are both suffering from low motivation, what will end up happening is your minds will play off of each other and before you know it you will both be out of the gym eating fast food. So, find a motivated buddy to come with you and you will find yourself pumped with a new sense of motivation.

3) Reduce intensity:

Sometimes, our bodies have just simply had enough. When training regularly, our bodies come under a great deal of stress, and eventually it becomes just too much for ur bodies to maintain. When this happens we may not even feel it in our bodies, however your subconscious will start registering this as a negative experience and start to 'kill' your motivation to go work out any further. So, if you start to feel fatigued, down, or just have a nagging desire to avoid anything 'fitness', try cutting down the intensity of your workouts. Cut them down until you start to feel like you are enjoying yourself gain, and then get back into your rhythm.

So, those are our tips for how to get back your motivation to get into the gym an keep getting healthier. If you have any advice or questions, please reach out to us as we would love to have a chat!