Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

There has been some misunderstanding about the relationship between weight and fat. There is some clear record that being fat does not translate into being weighty because we must have seen –on many occasion –where a trim, athletic man outweighs a fat, obese man. Yes, we are just about right; fat is more related to obesity than it is with weight. This record doesn't point out, in any way that fat is useless in the human body system –of course, it is essential in body metabolism.

If this is so, what are weight and fat then?

Weight and Fat

The human weight is mainly composed of the bone mass, protein mass and water content of the body. So, a person can accumulate a lot of fat but has very little water content in his body because water is supposed to account for 70% of the body's weight and as such considered, obese.

Fat cells which are collectively called the adipose tissue store fats that are collected from excess food taken into the body for future purposes, which may likely not arise as we humans are always bound to have to feed ourselves to stay alive. As these adipose tissues are filled up, the amount of fat the body system increases and consequently, the body's storage of water reduces. Fat cells are essential to the human body as they are responsible for heating the internal environment of the body, but when it gets too much, it becomes very challenging.

That is not the end of it though; you can be as trim and fit as you wish to be if you want to and if you are willing to stay trim which I am very confident that you are, there are two ways to achieve this goal: Dieting and Exercising.


Dieting –as we may know –is the act of cutting down on our feeding significantly and changing our choice of food, most times. Simply put, it is the act of changing our feeding habits to affect our body size; some people diet to add pounds but most people diet to lose pounds.

Dieting is like a two-edged sword with its advantage and disadvantage. You can certainly achieve your body goals by just dieting alone, but its effect will wear off immediately you take a break and as we know, going back to it requires more hard work than it needed to start it at first. One effect of dieting alone is that due to the drastic loss of body fat (not necessarily weight); the skin shrinks to fit into the new body size, leaving the body with folds, wrinkles, and stretches. This is the main reason why exercise is also advised along with dieting to help put the skin in order by compensating the fat loss with muscle growth.


Being fat isn't healthy, but dieting and getting skinny doesn't make you healthy either. Exercising has a way of keeping our bodies active and gets the heart to achieve its full potentials. It keeps the muscles alive and helps the vein carry blood all parts of the body, feeding those cells that are at the peripheral regions of the body. When all cells are doing well, you are certainly doing exceptionally well also.

Exercising is a high energy-demanding activity that enables the body to tap into its reserve of stored energy thereby reducing the fat deposits, but instead of just dropping the fats off, it also builds muscle so that you wouldn't look like someone suffering from a significant ailment all in the name of weight loss. Exercises do not bring about a considerable decline in weight because the fats lost are exchanged for muscle generation and growth, so weight loss is not a measure of fitness –maybe not anymore.

Diet + Exercise: The Perfect Combo

Yes, obviously! Dieting wouldn't do the magic alone; neither does exercising. Putting both exercising and dieting together in the right order is just the exact magical touch that your body needs to stay trim and fit physically, mentally, and medically.

Getting this perfect combo to work for you requires a level of discipline and, in most cases, coaching because there is a balance that should be attained between dieting and exercising. If you keep feeding the body enough to have resources to carry the stress imposed on the body by the exercising, then you are bound not to have results.

Furthermore, exercises lead to the generation and growth of muscles as stated earlier but these muscles require food and constant exercising to maintain and this, in turn, demands your consistency with exercise and diet or else you will back to where you started in just a few days.

Use this perfect combo; find your balance and work to stay fit.