Sara Iarossi

"Eat rich, live rich"

A former client, Sara Iarossi is now the capable Studio Manager and Nutritional Coach for Bodyline Fitness! With the combination of her passion for health and fitness, and her extensive managerial experience, she was the natural choice to shoulder the responsibility for managing Bodyline Fitness. 


Since making the change in 2016, Sara has become the embodiment of what the team believe in and strive to achieve for their clients. Following the Bodyline Fitness philosophy, training programs , and nutritional programs, Sara has achieved great success with a loss of over 38 kilograms, equating to over 27% of body fat lost.


In addition to being the Studio Manager, Sara is the in house Nutritional coach. With a Diploma in Principles of Nutrition, Sara is able to take her love for food, and passion for coaching, and now provide the same support and guidance to be able to help others follow in her life changing towards better health. 


Sara strongly believes that a healthy relationship with food is imperative for anyone wanting to succeed in changing their lifestyle behaviours. When you create healthy relationships, the foundations are laid out for you to then be able to sustain and maintain a balanced lifestyle full of good food & exercise for the body, mind and soul.