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Welcome to Online Personal Training! 

Time for you to put yourself first and create a healthier & stronger version of you! 

Get Tailored Personal Training Programs Suited To You!

Bodyline Fitness is a well established Personal Training Studio located in the heart of Inner West Sydney providing one on one personal training to it's members & now providing the same in person experience right to you online.

With our vision to see everyday people creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle and our mission to help you achieve your goals through custom programming that's scientifically backed to get you the results you deserve


Now you can train in the comfort of your own gym with a detailed, thought-out program designed for you through our experienced trainers who have backed themselves with degrees in Exercise Science & Sports Science.  

Time for you to experience the difference in tailored programming suited to you to achieve the goals & results you deserve! 

What's Included:

Gym Workouts


Weekly Check Ins

Access to your very own personalised workouts

Combination of weights & cardio tailored to your goals

Correct nutrition coaching suited to lifestyle with no hassles 

Qualified Personal Trainers with science degrees

Bodyline Fitness team support anytime

Real Results! What Our Clients Say About Us

How Does It Work?

Gym Workouts


Weekly Check Ins

Chat with our expert trainer to start mapping out your personalised program to achieve your goals.

Access your workout programs through our trusted app  

Receive a new workout program every 2 weeks. Keep the body guessing and developing. 

Track your results & progress

Receive weekly updates & check ins to monitor your progress & results 

Be provided with an educational book to teach you how to learn & adapt to your lifestyle

Work one on one with expert trainers in the field to educate and teach you the correct concepts for your body

Receive weekly check ins monitored by your very own designated personal trainer

Check ins consists of health, fitness, lifestyle so we get the full scoop on how your week has been tracking

Get personalised responses. You're not talking to a robot. Get full visual summary points on what to do next

We answer all your questions, so ask away, anything that's on your mind. We are here to help you


What is Online Personal Training?

Online personal training allows you to get full access to a personal trainer who is able to help you with your goals through custom workouts suited to you, nutrition guidance and accountability with weekly check ins. 

Who is it for?

Online personal training is for anyone that needs help in the gym. With the help of an expert trainer, feel confident and comfortable knowing that you have a detailed workout program that is suited and made especially for you. 

What qualification does my personal trainer have? 

Personal Trainers from Bodyline Fitness have a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science & Sports Science. 

How do I communicate with my trainer? 

You can communicate with your trainer through our support network via emails, through the app and your weekly check ins. 

Can I get nutrition guidance? 

Yes, you certainly can. We help you calculate the correct calorie intake you need for you to achieve the results you are after. We also provide advice and guidance on your day to day and answer any questions you have. 

How often will I hear from my personal trainer? 

You will get weekly check ins where you will answer a series of questions designed specifically to get the correct information your trainer needs to keep you accountable and on the right track. You can also email our support team anytime you have a questions that comes to mind from your workout to your nutrition. 

Community & Support


Social Media Platforms

Access our community through all our social media platforms with over 10,000 followers engaging in content. 

Bodyline Fitnes Team

We answer any questions you have, so please ask anything that's on your mind. We are here to help you.

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