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Group Classes

Bodyline Fitness is very well known for their Personal Training and the commitment they have to their clients to ensure they achieve and get the maximum results. 

However, they have expanded their services and are now running Group Classes. The difference between Bodyline Fitness and other facilities is that their classes are controlled with the correct ratio of trainer to clients. This ensures that the trainer has eyes on all clients to make sure that exercises are executed correctly to prevent any injuries from occurring. 

But it doesn't stop there. Bodyline Fitness have made the Group Classes open to the public and not just their current members! 

Below you will see the list of components involved in a personal training session. 

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Monday to Friday: 

5pm, 5:30pm & 6pm



Tuesday, Thursday & Friday:

6am & 7am






Monday & Wednesday: 


Information & Components:

- Class Membership available to give you weekly unlimited access to all our classes. 


- We provide a range of group classes.

- This allows you to fit in additional training sessions to help further you in achieving your goal.

- All classes have their own specific detailed program already set up and ready to go.

- All you need to do is turn up and join in.

- You can come to as many classes as you like.

- You can even mix it up and have a different one to go to each time.

- H.I.I.T. classes go for a duration of 30 minutes and Pilate classes go for a duration of 45 minutes.

- This includes a warm up at the beginning, the class itself followed by a stretch at the end.

- Classes are open to the public.

- Don’t need to be a client of the studio.

- Can invite family and friends to join in on the class.

- Charged on day and/or night of completing the class.

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