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Kids & Teens Training

An estimated 28% of adolescents in Australia are overweight or obese. We can not emphasise enough how dangerous obesity is and the list of medical conditions related to obesity is a mile long. We can fix this by working together. By getting your children on board with us we will guide them on the right path to a healthy lifestyle. We are here to help you. 

Bodyline Fitness Kids Training is specifically designed to help your child with the correct education, exercises and motivation they need to get their health back on track. Not only will they see the physical benefits with personalised programs tailored to them but will notice improvements in their overall mental well-being.

Below you will see the list of components involved in a personal training session. 

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Information & Components:

- Personalised programming.

- All programs are custom made to suit your needs in order for you to achieve your goal.

- Sessions go for a duration of 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

- After hours service available with twenty-four (24) hour care, seven (7) days a week.

- Ask our staff any questions or concerns you may have.



"I have been training with Bodyline Fitness for 4 years."

"Definitely! It’s not only helped me reach my fitness goals but also restore a healthy balance to my busy life schedule. This healthy life balance and improved fitness has also greatly benefited my mental health and well being."

"Personal training has greatly improved my strength and cardio fitness and has also helped me better understand not only my own body but fitness and exercise in general.

—  Rob

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