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It's time for you to get real, sustainable results with Inner-West's most effective, Personal Training studio ...


Let's get real results for you! Learn more...

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What Everyone Has Been Saying About

Bodyline Fitness ...

"Change the way you think and train,

to create a healthier you" 

Who trains at our Studio? Customers from Leichhardt, Haberfield, Lilyfield, Rozelle, Annandale, Stanmore, Lewisham, Glebe and Petersham, prefer Bodyline Fitness because we are a small private studio purely working one on one to get our clients the results they want. This is not your main stream gym but a personal training studio. So if you have goals of losing fat, toning muscle, gaining strength and improving your quality of life and well-being, this is the studio for you! Enquire now and the team will get in touch. 

Wait! There's More! Testimonials That Show 

How We Can Help You!



"I have been training with Bodyline Fitness for 4 years."

"Definitely! It’s not only helped me reach my fitness goals but also restore a healthy balance to my busy life schedule. This healthy life balance and improved fitness has also greatly benefited my mental health and well being."

"Personal training has greatly improved my strength and cardio fitness and has also helped me better understand not only my own body but fitness and exercise in general.

—  Rob

Frequently Asked Personal Training Questions

If you're new to Personal Training or just have some questions  feel free to reach out and speak with us directly. We've also provided the following helpful FAQ's...

FAQ #1

"I don’t finish work until 5pm, will I still have time to train?"

Yes, you always have ample time to get a workout in. Remember that time you set aside for your physical health is time well-spent.
We open at 6AM and close at 9PM. So even if your time is limited, we can find a way for you to make the most of it.
No need to count hours, our trainers use science to deliver the most sustainable results in the least amount of time. Talk with us about a tailored program that works for your specific needs and schedule.

FAQ #2

"Will I be allocated my own trainer?

Of course! When you sign up with us, you’re assigned to a personal trainer. 
Your trainer is available to answer your question 24/7. *Of course, since we advocate for getting ample sleep in, let’s get 8 hours in, ok?
But please go ahead and ask your trainer any questions about your workout that you may have. Schedule a session with them, especially when you’re just starting out. We are here to help you, 24/7.

FAQ #3

"I have an existing injury, will the trainer be able to work around it?"

Yes, our trainers are more than qualified to guide you as you heal. Our in-house degree holding Exercise & Sport Scientist uses data eliminating any guesswork so you can be assured you are in safe hands on your road to recovery. 
We can design a workout for you that works around your existing injuries. Just talk to us about it when you come in for a training session. 
One of the first things that we do when you sign up with us is to provide you with a physical assessment and assign you a personal trainer. You can take this time to inform us about any limitations and concerns.
We advocate for safe and rehabilitative workouts. Trust our team to have your safety and healing as top priority.

FAQ #4

"How do I come and see the studio?"

We always recommend that you book a free consultation; this is appointment based 
only. This way, you can see the studio and sit down with a trainer for a free consultation. We go through all of our services available to suit your health needs.

FAQ #5

"How do I know if Personal Training is for me?"

Physical training, regardless of your current age and health status, is always a positive. You are investing in your longevity and physical well-being.
That said, you will know a personal training program is for you based on how it makes you feel. A perfect PT program considers your physical capacity, goal and any injuries you may have. Your workout — no matter how hard it may seem — should make you feel good. 
At Bodyline Fitness, we sit down with you to discuss the perfect workouts to suit your long-term health goals.

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