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Weights at Gym

Weights at Gym

One Arm Pushup

One Arm Pushup

Bodyline Fitness is known for their One to One Personal Training by implementing science and bio scan technology to customise personalised programs for all their clients that walk into the studio. As a studio, we understand not everyone can physically come to our location so all our Exercise Scientists, Trainers and Nutrition Coaches came together to develop these Online Fitness Programs for you! 

We have made the selection of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced to help break up the content of each program of what is involved and how the programs are detailed for you to achieve maximum results! 

If you have just started training or have been for a couple of months then the Team here recommends you start with our Beginner Program as this will be the right starting point for you to understand how everything works and how all the exercises come together to get you the results you want. 

If you have been at the gym for a while and know your way around it, then the Team here recommends you jump on our Intermediate Program as this has a completely different layout to what you would normally get! This helps with shocking your body and giving it something new to work on and develop.

If you have been training for years, so you're fit but wanting that something extra to push you that little bit further then the Team here recommends that you definitely grab our Advanced Program. Structured for the Athlete, this program will definitely push you to new limits. 



"I have been training with Bodyline Fitness for 4 years."

"Definitely! It’s not only helped me reach my fitness goals but also restore a healthy balance to my busy life schedule. This healthy life balance and improved fitness has also greatly benefited my mental health and well being."

"Personal training has greatly improved my strength and cardio fitness and has also helped me better understand not only my own body but fitness and exercise in general.

—  Rob

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