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Welcome to the Bodyline Fitness nutrition section; you have made your next steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Our team of nutrition experts have put together a selection of three nutrition programs to suit your calorie needs.

Now, below are a set of very easy to use calculators that will help you to determine which program is best for your body right now. All you need to do, is slide the scales to match the information correct to you, and that will give you your Resting Energy Expenditure (or REE). Once you have your REE result, simply type it in the Total Daily Energy Expenditure (or TDEE) calculator, and select the activity level that you believe best represents you! 

NOW, if you have any special dietary requirements, or if you are pregnant, don't go through the method below, but rather scroll down to the bottom and reach out to us because we understand that your body needs something a bit different!


CONGRATULATIONS! Now that you have your TDEE results, the process gets even easier! For the last stage, all you need to do is pick one of the three options below, using that TDEE result and check out. After checking out, you will get the option to download your new nutrition program!

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