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Personal Training Rozelle: Better Health and Fitness Starts With Your First Step

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Take control of your health through Personal Training in Rozelle, NSW.

Bodyline Fitness’ Personal Training Rozelle services are science-backed personalised training programs that are designed to help you achieve your health goals. All our personal training programs are:

  • Customised to your needs and goals

  • Backed by science

  • Designed to get you started, wherever you are in your health journey.

Many people are scared off by the gym because of the images it often conjures: muscled men and women who are as strong, agile, and aggressive as roos! But, rest assured, that’s not really the case. In most gyms, you’d see a lot of people who are just finding their rhythm and doing their best to get healthier.


Hiring personal training services is a great way to get started. You have the services of a trainer, who will guide you with your workout. At Bodyline Fitness, you can get in touch with your trainer 24/7, for any questions you may have.


Your trainer works with you in designing and sustaining the best-fit fitness regimen for your needs and goals.


We begin by understanding you: your goals, concerns and other issues that might be hampering your fitness journey. Then we do an EVOLT 360 Bio Scan, where we understand your body composition. From here, we review your information and come out with a Personal Blue Print, which will help your personal trainer in building a health regimen with you. Our goal is to help you reach and enjoy real sustainable results!


Training sessions are:

- Are typically 30 to 60 minutes long

- Can be split between two categories: weight training and cardio training

- Can be focused on rehabilitation and recovery.


Take your FIRST STEP! Get in touch with us to get started today!

Workout with Ropes
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