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Semi Private Personal Training

Semi Private PT unlike one on one has the added bonus of you teaming up in a small group to achieve amazing results together!

Bodyline Fitness trainers use Semi Private PT to help motivate you to push yourself further, accomplish tasks as part of a team and to hold each other accountable!  

Below you will see the list of components involved in a Semi Private Personal Training session. 

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Information & Components 


- Small Group Training. 

- Weekly sessions available.


- Ranges to a maximum of Four to One Personal Training.


- Personal Training program development.


- If you happen to have an injury or unable to complete a specific exercise in the program, your trainer can definitely alter and change the exercise to better suit you. 


- Sessions go for a duration of 60 minutes


- The session consists of weights and cardio. 


- Constant support and communication between you and your trainer. 


- Contact your trainer at anytime to answer any questions you may have. 


- After hours service available with twenty-four (24) hour care, seven (7) days a week. 



"I have been training with Bodyline Fitness for 4 years."

"Definitely! It’s not only helped me reach my fitness goals but also restore a healthy balance to my busy life schedule. This healthy life balance and improved fitness has also greatly benefited my mental health and well being."

"Personal training has greatly improved my strength and cardio fitness and has also helped me better understand not only my own body but fitness and exercise in general.

—  Rob

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